The Offbeat is calling for the zany, the thought-provoking, the humorous, and the quirky to submit work for us to read! The Offbeat, a literary journal specializing in undisputedly unique works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and sequential art, is accepting submissions. Submit writing that is intriguing, eccentric, and, most importantly, “off the beaten path.”

We ask for different. We DO NOT mean unnecessarily explicit content produced purely for the purpose of being shocking. We are interested in quality. No matter where you come from or what you do, we want to hear from you!

NOTE: We attempt to respond as quickly as we can to submissions, but we may take up to six months. If you submit near the end of Spring or beginning of Summer, we'll have escaped into fields of flowers. You'll hear in the Fall.

General Guidelines:
Up to 3 poems or flash fictions (under 1000 words each) may be submitted in the same file. Sequential art should not exceed 10 pages. All other pieces should be limited to 4,000 words. Please wait to hear back from us on a submission before sending a second in that category.

Simultaneous submissions will be accepted under the condition that you will immediately inform us if your work is being published elsewhere. Authors we've published before--we love you. We'll always love you, but please wait a year before submitting again. We love other people, too.

Helpful Notes:

Check that your Submittable email is current, so that we (and other journals) can easily reach you to publish your piece. If you miss our email, we will miss out on publishing your work.

Title your submission with the actual title of your piece, so we can easily find it in our files.

Upon acceptance of your submission, you have granted The Offbeat first publication rights of your piece.

We pay through a contributor copy for all authors.

All short story submissions should remain within 4,000 words. You may submit up to three flash fiction pieces of under 1000 words each in one file. Files containing more than one flash piece must include all individual titles in the title of the submission.
Up to 3 poems may be submitted. Files containing more than one poem must include all individual titles in the title of the submission.

All creative nonfiction submissions should remain within 4,000 words.
Sequential art should not exceed 10 pages.
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